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That’s a wrap! 2017 Review

Posted by Jessica O'Neill Date: Friday 15 December, 2017

Well, 2017 has been quite a year for us here at tuvisio with a vast variety of signage projects undertaken and new signage companies we’ve had the privilege of working with. Not forgetting another year of working with our loyal customers who stand by us each year. 

Last weekend whilst hibernating inside as the snow forces the UK to slow down, we did some reflecting on the year we’ve had here at tuvisio.  We say it every year but this year really has gone by ridiculously quickly.

However when we sit back and take a moment to reflect we realise what a jam-packed 12 months it’s been which has probably led to why it has passed by in such a flash.

We summed up our year in our 12 favourite moments!             

1. Developing the trade print

2017 saw the launch of a new service for tuvisio, our Trade Print service.

We offer an extensive range of materials from stock that can be digital printed and finished ready for install. From your everyday vinyl and banner through to paper, perforated window film, vehicle wrap, banner mesh etc.

We are TRADE ONLY at tuvisio, so if your workshop is super busy and you’re unable to productively manage the load then that’s where we come in.

By outsourcing work to a trade partner like ourselves, it will guarantee the following:

  • You will turn less work away during busier periods

  • You keep your customers happy with consistent lead times

  • You don’t risk damaging relationships with your customers

  • Jobs won’t be rushed so you’re work quality won’t diminish

Read more about what we off on this service here.

3 Trade Shows.png

2. Fespa/Sign & Digital

Earlier in the year Jasper & Toby visited the FESPA show in Hamburg. You name it, it was there!

We loved it so much we wrote a review blog about it which you can read here.

Have you ever been to Fespa or are you thinking of going? LET US KNOW

We also took a day trip with 2 other members of staff to the 2017 Sign & Digital show. A really interactive show with some impressive printing technology.

Next years Sign & Digitial show is 24 - 26 April 2018 @ NEC, Birmingham.

3. Fast Signs

In early December we exhibited at the Fast Signs UK convention. This was another first for us and it was time well spend as we have since become a Fast Signs approved vendor!

What a great way to end 2017!

4. New Gallery

Recently we added a new feature to our website which is a gallery of some of our latest work. One of our most interesting and effective looks of this year was some 5mm flat cut letters with high quality rusting effect print. Are you a customer of ours…check it out to see if a job we’ve done for you is featured.

See our gallery here.

17662 Web visits to tuvisio.com.png

5. Top Blogs

This year we’ve written and posted 12 blogs on our tuvisio knowledge base. As you can see from the below titles we aim to post blogs that offer tips and advice to our customers or those passing through our website. Here are our TOP 5 blog posts of this year.

Not read one? Then now seems 
like a good time!

12 Blogs written in-house.png

1st place = 819 views
Can You Spray Paint Aluminium Composite Panel?

2nd place = 736 views
When Do You Need Planning Permission to Put Up a Sign?

3rd place = 474
Simple guide on How to Remove Vinyl From an Acrylic Sheet
4th place = 445
Why Does Sign Vinyl Shrink And Can Anything Be Done To Prevent It
5th place = dropping down to 298
Vinyl weeding tips that are guaranteed to save you time!

5 new case studies.png

One of our core values is that “We are all about customer delight” So with 5 new case studies and a lot of fantastic feedback directly from customers of how our service is helping them it sets the bar high for 2018.

But don’t you worry this is going to continue to be our number one priority next year.

Read about what our customers say here

6. Sam’s apprenticeship complete

Sam has been with us since September 2016, having completed his apprenticeship he is now our full time Sales Representative.

Sam worked hard to complete his apprenticeship in time whilst attending college 2 evenings a week and also working with us Monday-Friday. We are really proud of his progress and he really is an asset to us!

You can read more about Sams experience working with us here.

7. Becky! 

The tuvisio workforce has also grown this year and we are proud to include Becky in our end of the year review blog! She is now part of our Warehouse Team and is a key part of getting your orders ready in a timely manner. She brings with her a positive personality, enthusiasm and willingness to get stuck in.

Go Becky!

8. Our Monday Morning Huddles

At the beginning of this year we introduced a Monday morning huddle … (please note NOT a cuddle).

A morning huddle is also known as a stand-up meeting, this involves ALL of our team members at 8am every Monday gathering around in our main office. The goal of our huddles is to check in with our team members about how the month is going, how the past week has gone and what we hope for the coming week.

We make sure we are all stood up for our meeting as this helps to keep it short and to the point, our weekly huddles have proved effective as everyone gets involved. Typically in our huddles we share information to keep everyone in the loop, identify other team member accomplishments, set priorities for the day/week and share any ‘stucks’ that we might need help on. We have one team member running the meeting each week and we rotate this.

Does your workplace have anything like this, would your organisation benefit from one? You can learn more about introducing a weekly or daily huddle here.

15, 878 WEB VIEWS (2) - Copy.png

9. Cheers For Peers!

Here at tuvisio we don’t just recognise our accomplishments as a company we recognise the accomplishments of the individuals who make up our company.

So this year we started to use ‘TinyPulse’ basically we use this to send fellow colleagues a ‘Cheers’, this helps us to foster a culture of appreciation. When a ‘Cheers’ is sent the receiver gets an email notification, a thank you note from the sender and the weekly winner is read out at the Monday AM Huddle.

The monthly winner then gets to pick the hot dinner on the next Wednesday.

This year our organisation has sent out 430 Cheers for Peers, which we think is great considering we’re a small team! Sam Spridgeon was also our annual winner as he received the most, so BIG WELL DONE to Sam!


You can read a little more about Tiny Pulse – Cheers For Peers here!

10. Burger Month!

Every Wednesday here at tuvisio HQ we make lunch a little more interesting (and tasty) bu having Hot Dinner Wednesdays. In May we had BURGER MONTH and it was EPIC (our excuse being it was National Burger Month).

This meant each week we were treated to a burger on hot dinner day and to make it even better MAY HAD 5 WEDNESDAYS IN! (winner!)

We split ourselves into departmental teams and each team had to create their own burger. At the end of the month we all chose our favourite. My personal favourite was the Chicken, Spicy Cheese & Avocado burger.

Let’s say it definitely generated some friendly in-house rivalry. Here they are below, which one looks like it would be your preferred choice?

1 Crisp Chicken Burger with Lemon Mayonnaise
2 Mozzarella stuffed stack with JD's BBQ sauce

3 The Dirty Burger

4 The Uncle Sam

5 Italian Burger

15, 878 WEB VIEWS (5).png

 11. Our hope 2018

2018 already has a lot in store, so after some well-earned home time, we’ll be looking forward to returning and getting on with our goals for the upcoming year.

We intend write more insightful blogs of helpful tips and as always we’re keen to go the extra mile to provide for our customers.

We would also like to thank our customers for their relationship with us as without them we wouldn’t be able to keep learning and growing in the way that we are.

Keep an eye on this section of our website in 2018 and let us know what you think we should be writing about next year.

12. Christmas Opening: Because everyone loves a break

TUVISIO will be closed from 4pm Friday 22nd December and will reopen Wednesday January 3rd 2018.


tuviso Christmas Opening time.png