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Apprenticeships at tuvisio

Posted by Jessica O'Neill Date: Wednesday 13 September, 2017

At tuvisio one of our values is ‘Succeed Through Grow and Learning’, we’re also passionate about building a positive team with communication. This time last year we employed Sam as our Business Administration Apprentice, now celebrating being with us one year we’ve caught up with Sam to see how his year has gone and what life at tuvisio has been like!

When Sam began working with us he was just 19 with a background in catering.  Sam discusses the challenges he faced from the changing environment of a busy kitchen to an office based role and also how the nature of our team has abled him to develop skills to succeed over the last year and also going forward in his new full time role with us.

Name: Sam Spridgeon

Job title: Sales Representative

Age: 20

Where are you from?  Chester

What jobs have you done previously? Apprentice Chef

How long have you done this job? 12 months

Describe your work environment? Fun, Energetic and a little bit crazy.

What made you want to be an apprentice at tuvisio?

As soon as I came for my first interview I could tell that the environment at tuvisio was very positive and I was made to feel very welcome. Jasper and Shane both showed an interest in everything I had to say and they were very clear in what they expected of me. I felt like I could trust the tuvisio workforce from the moment I stepped into the building and I wanted to work here ever since.

What qualification are you working towards as part of your apprenticeship?

My Apprenticeship was for Business Administration which allowed me to move onto the sales.

What do you do on a daily basis?

My main day-to-day activities include: Interacting with potential customers, preparing quotes, drafting emails, confirming orders, setting up accounts and much more.

How has being an apprentice helped you to grow, both at work and personally?

Being an apprentice at tuvisio has allowed me to experience a positive work environment with enough support to be able to achieve whatever I set my mind to.

If you set your mind to it you can accomplish anything - Sam Spridgeon (2017)

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship at tuvisio?

If anyone else is considering an apprenticeship at tuvisio, come and join us you will love every minute.

Where are your goals after completion of your apprenticeship?

My goal after my apprenticeship was to secure a full-time role at tuvisio which I am pleased to say I have achieved and from here I would like to further develop into my role and look to expand my future prospects in sales.

What have you found challenging whilst working at tuvisio?

Initially the hardest thing to do for me was to settle into an office environment as I was used to working in a high pressure environment like a kitchen. So that was the biggest shock to me as I had to adapt to the different type of work.

 So if you are looking to get into the sign industry through an apprenticeship why not get in touch?